Thursday, January 5, 2017

NEI Electric's Current Project!

The Winfield Innovation Center is one of NEI Electric's current projects. This Article offers some some great background on the project. 

Steel Rising: WinField Innovation Center

In mid-2016, WinField, a leading provider of seed, crop protection products and agronomic expertise, announced a major expansion project in River Falls, Wisconsin.

A 52,000 square foot, multi-million dollar laboratory, greenhouse, and R&D center is under construction in Sterling Ponds Corporate Park, located along State Highway 35 on the city’s north side.

Following site preparation and foundation work, erecting the building’s steel frame is well underway.

WinField’s second project in River Falls is also under construction in Mann valley, adjacent to the lab farm operated by UW-River Falls. This will be used for product testing on WinField’s test plots on the lab farm.

Due to ongoing R&D, WinField says more than 25 proprietary products have been brought to market and additional products, ranging from fertilizers to adjuvants and herbicides are in the research pipeline.

WinField’s Spray Analysis System, already located in its Product Development Center in River Falls, is a key component to their research department. Experts have tested more than 30,000 adjuvant samples since opening in 2011.

The Spray Analysis System’s wind tunnel design was recognized in April 2014 by the U.S. Patent Office for its unique role in spray particle analysis. WinField’s design is one of five spray labs in the United States that contains an enclosed wind tunnel, allowing experts to test realistic tank mixtures—not just water.

About WinField
Winfield Solutions LLC (WinField), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, Inc. offers
top-performing seed and crop protection products. With unmatched agricultural expertise and
performance as core company values, WinField® brands match leading seed and crop
protection products to help farmers, retailers and other industry partners achieve high levels of

WinField brands include CROPLAN® seed, crop protection products, plant nutrients and other
proprietary products. Backed with unrivaled technical services and knowledge, WinField®
products deliver outstanding solutions and value for the agricultural industry.

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